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Plane Conversations (LokixReader)
"Why are we even on this infernal contraption?" Loki fumed in the seat next to you. "I could transport us anywhere in a snap with my magic."
You chuckled, looking up from the book in your lap. "I think this will be a good experience for you." It was a tiny lie. Since you’d become friends with the trickster, your goal was to see exactly how he would react to modern technology that he'd never seen before. True, it was mainly for your personal entertainment, but he also needed to learn how to blend in after the events in New York.
The raven-haired god sighed loudly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I believe you only enjoy my reactions."
You nodded, patting his leg. "Exactly."
Loki opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the flight attendant speaking over the intercom system. "Please direct your attention to the front of the cabin for safety demonstrations."
Chuckling at Loki's eye roll, you watched the nearest flight attendant perform a visual demonstration of safety pre
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 32 14
You Should See Me in a Crown by MusicRocks14 You Should See Me in a Crown :iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 2 20 The Goblin Queen  by MusicRocks14 The Goblin Queen :iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 0 2
Truth and Lies (LokixReader)
You stared down at the massive pile of unaddressed wedding invitations, (e/c) eyes closing momentarily as you took a deep breath. Nearly three hundred invitations needed to be put in the mail the following day…you only had one hundred done. Running a hand through your (h/c) locks, you let out a hard sigh. “There is no way I’ll be able to get these done before tomorrow without some sort of magic.” Suddenly, the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stood on end.
“Magic, dear (y/n)?” The voice behind you was silky and smooth, like the finest chocolate in the world; it made your pulse quicken, though you tried to mask the reaction your body had to this infernal mischief maker.
Rolling your eyes, you turned around to look at your unannounced guest. You had to admit, he looked quite fetching. His face was calm and collected, the only hint of emotion present in a pair emerald eyes and a playful smirk. He was dressed simply in a forest green tunic and black b
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 43 22
Sweet Somethings 7
The following morning, I decided that I needed a break from both Will AND Tom. Not only was I tired of worrying about my status with Will, but I was also preoccupied with what had happened with Tom the day before. So, to keep my mind off of both guys, I told Kath that she and I should have a girls' day. There was huge mall in London with loads of cool stores that we decided to go to.
After getting ready, we took the Tube to Westfield Mall. Upon entering the shopping center, I found that it was much larger than I'd originally thought. Everywhere we turned, a store caught our attention, especially the ones that were only in the UK. "Where to first?" I asked, turning to Kath.
My dark skinned friend shrugged her shoulders, her lip poking out a bit in indecision. "You pick."
I tapped my chin, looking around to see what was near us. My eyes rested on Burberry and I smiled. "Let's go to Burberry. Maybe they'll have a sales rack or something." I chuckled at the prospect of finding something I
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Sweet Somethings 6
I stood directly in front of the British Museum, gaping at the beauty of the building. I'd seen pictures, but they were nothing in comparison to the real thing. Large, stone pillars connected the base to the triangular bit at the top of the building. A tiny squeal escaped from my mouth, which was curved into a huge grin. Turning to Will, I tackled him in a hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said, squeezing him tightly.
Will laughed softly, putting me at arm's length. "I also got the two of us tickets to the mummy exhibit."
I tackled him again, not caring about the spectacle I was making. "You're the best, William." I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbing his hand. "Come on, let's go!"
As we walked into the front entrance, I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the place; it was huge! There were so many directions that we could go in, so I was completely overwhelmed. Will laughed at my awed reactions. "Are you okay, Lex? Do I need to let you bask in this awhile?"
I took out
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Halloween with 5SOS
"Are you ready for this?" I asked, standing on the other side of the closed door. I checked my appearance one last time in my floor-length mirror, making sure all of the details of my costume were perfect. I'd decided to be Megara from Hercules; I wore a long, light purple dress with cap sleeves and brown gladiator sandals. I'd attached extensions to my shoulder length brown hair, then put it up into a dramatic ponytail similar to Meg's. My eye makeup made my brown eyes pop, and my normally thin lips appeared fuller thanks to a technique I'd learned on Pinterest.
I heard Ash sigh impatiently through the door. "Yeah, I've been waiting FOREVERRRR." Such a child.
Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to reveal myself. Ashton's hazel eyes widened, mouth forming a small "o." I looked him up and down as well. He was dressed as Hercules, down to the high gladiator sandals. He even wore a red headband, his light brown curls tamed a bit. The armor definitely showed off his muscular arms and l
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Sweet Somethings 5
At around 6:30 that night, Tom and I stood outside of my hotel room. I leaned against the door frame, looking up at him. "Thank you so much for the tour, Tom. I really appreciate it."
Tom looked down at me, those famous crinkles forming around his eyes as he smiled. "It was my pleasure. I'm glad that you were able to make time for it, though we didn't get to see all of London. I think I hit most of the major places."
I nodded, grinning. "I think so." I looked down at my feet, then, unable to look into his eyes for too long. "I had a great time. You're actually really easy to talk to."
Tom laughed his signature laugh, causing me to look up at the adorable sound. "I'm glad that you think so. I try to be as approachable as possible." He pulled me in for a hug, his long arms winding around my waist. I wrapped my shorter arms around his middle, my head resting against his chest. After a few moments, he drew back, his hands on my shoulders. "How long are you in London again?"
I tried not to
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 6 7
“Come on, Loki! Stop staring at the automatic doors!” I yelled at my raven-haired friend. Currently, he was standing outside of the grocery store’s entrance, marveling in wonder at the way the doors opened and closed by themselves. His green eyes widened each time he witnessed it, his thin lips opening to form a small ‘o.’
“But Lyn, how is this possible? I do not understand!” the Asgardian replied, walking through the doors.
I shook my head. This grocery trip was going to take much longer than I expected. “It’s powered by electricity, you know the thing that powers the lights in my apartment?” I took his hand and pulled him toward the buggies before he could say another word. I nearly flinched at how his skin felt like ice; I doubt I would ever get used to it. After pulling a buggy from the pile, I began my routine grocery trip in the produce section.
“So this is where mortals retrieve their sustenance. What happened to
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The Doctor and Peggy by MusicRocks14 The Doctor and Peggy :iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 9 9
Happily Ever After
A cool, night breeze blew in through the open windows, a bit of moonlight shining down on the large, empty bed. Ash stood in front of the window, looking out over Asgard. The petite young woman sighed, fiddling with a strand of her long, dark red hair. Her green eyes scanned the city for any traces of the young prince she had completely fallen for. Lips curving into a smile, she thought of their interesting relationship. Most of the time, they argued back and forth playfully, each trying to outdo the other with witty responses. This banter never really ended, but merely paused for deep conversation and comfortable silence.
Her ears perked up at the sound of the door opening, but she neither turned nor spoke, only listened. After knowing someone for several years, one could pinpoint the exact sound of his or her footfalls; his were so faint that it sounded like soft pads on the hard floors. “You’re late,” Ash said, not moving from her position. She pursed her lips when
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 7 37
Comic-Con Crush
I stared around the huge room, awe-struck by all of the brilliant cosplayers around me. It was my first Comic-Con, and I was impressed just in the first five minutes of my being there. Tons of fandoms were represented by booths and tables with actors signing posters and anything else a fan could throw at them. Fiddling with the one-day pass around my neck, I tried to make a quick decision on where to go first. There was the obvious choice, the Marvel or DC booths. I stood in the middle of thousands of people, all of which I did not know, and I had no idea what I was going to do.
“You look a bit lost,” a smooth voice said behind me. I whipped around to see an extremely tall Captain America standing there, shield in hand. He towered over me! His blue eyes peered out from his mask as he looked me up and down, a wide smile crossing his thin lips. “Darcy Lewis?” he asked, motioning to my outfit.
I nodded proudly, blushing at the fact that he knew my cosplay. “Y
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Sweet Somethings 4
I stood on the sidewalk in front of Fred Wells Gardens, anxiously looking from the left and right for Tom. Looking down at my phone, I saw that it was fifteen minutes after ten. I bit my lip, wondering silently if he'd forgotten about our plans. No, he wouldn't do that to a lady, I thought. I inwardly debated whether I should text him or not, to ask if he was on his way. I quickly decided that doing that would seem weird, so I merely sat on the brick wall at the entrance of the gardens. For the next ten minutes, I entertained myself with my iPhone, going to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to check if I had any new messages or likes.
"Alexa?" My head snapped up, and there stood Tom. He looked a bit stressed; his auburn hair was messy, like he'd been running his hand through it. Yet, he still looked amazing in a pair of black jeans (did he own another color?) and a light blue button up, the first three buttons undone. "I am SO very sorry," he said, blue eyes apologetic. "My meeting last
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 6 20
Fall of Rain
“Michaela! Get your butt down here! We’re going to be late!” My friend Abby yelled up the stairs. I rolled my eyes; she was so impatient. I looked into my mirror, putting the finishing touches on my look for the Celtic Thunder concert we were attending. My dark brown hair fell down in large, loose curls. I’d taken the time to braid the front part of my hair, then bobby pinned it to the sides to look like a crown. I’d left my make-up very basic, only highlighting my chocolate brown eyes with some light green eye shadow and eyeliner of a darker shade of green. For my outfit, I’d chosen my favorite emerald green maxi dress that showed off my hourglass figure due to the black belt at the waist.
“Calm down, I’m coming!” I said, slipping my feet into the black moccasins beside my bed. Grabbing my purse and my ticket, I took one last look in the mirror and then walked out of the room, turning the light off as I did.  I made my ascent
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 4 10
Senior Photo by MusicRocks14 Senior Photo :iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 6 19
Redemption (Prologue)
Guy’s POV
A thousand things ran through my mind as I walked swiftly down the castle halls, especially when I passed by Marian’s door. Marian. I sighed. As much as I tried to get her out of my mind, she always seemed to enter my thoughts. I shook my head, pushing the thought of her gorgeous face away. I had more important things to focus on at the moment. I was on my way to speak to the Sheriff about our latest project, one that would rid us of Robin Hood and his band of outlaws for good. I smirked at the thought of not having to make a fuss over Hood; it would be the start of a new age when I saw him hang by his neck for his crimes.
I rolled my eyes. Of course she would appear out of nowhere at this moment. Turning around to face her, I braced myself. There she stood, looking absolutely stunning, as usual. “Yes, Marian?” I asked gruffly.
She stared up at me with those pleading blue eyes I normally could not resist. “I have a req
:iconmusicrocks14:MusicRocks14 3 17


Bucky x Reader: Snow

:bulletblue: ~Bucky x Reader: Snow~ :bulletblue:

It was mid-summer, though for the last several weeks the weather had been considerably mellow. Frothy white clouds covered almost every inch of the pale blue sky, and the temperature was just past 70 degrees. Perfect weather, in the humble opinion of one Steve Rogers. 
‘Mr. America’ was currently walking through the quiet streets of the suburbs, enjoying the afternoon sun. Though despite his leisurely stride and casual attire, the man was on a mission. Nothing so life-threatening or destructive as his normal tasks, but the change of pace was fine by Steve.  He would have been downright lying if he’d said he wasn’t excited for what was to come.
The blonde man strolled down the sidewalk peacefully, smiling down at the creature who casually walked beside him.
“Good boy, Snow,” he praised softly, making the massive beast in question, glance up at him with soft brown eyes. “We’
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 75 19
Steve x Reader: Facing Demons
:bulletblue: Steve x Reader: Facing Demons :bulletblue:

The world was on fire. Terrified screams filled the air as charred rubble cascaded from countless buildings, completely removing the cloudy sky from view. Eruption after eruption exploded; large chunks of stone freefell to crumble atop those who were unlucky enough to still be standing. It was an unstoppable maelstrom of death. Thick cloying smoke burned (F/n)’s lungs as she fought to run through the destruction. The acrid fumes made her choke as she frantically let her eyes swivel to her surroundings. Nothing was familiar to her bleary gaze, and she knew that most, if not all of her comrades were long dead.
The woman sprinted through the devastating wreckage, looking for any survivors. From her arm poured a steady stream of blood, but she did her best to ignore it. It was just a scratch; or so she had told herself, when she had first wrapped it in the ripped fabric of her former jacket. The cut on he
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 59 16
After Effect - Conclusion
“Doesn’t this thing go any faster?” Shepard demanded of Cortez in unconscious echo of Garrus’ previous words to James a few days prior. She stood behind the pilot hanging on to a bar overhead dressed in full armor and cradling her Black Widow, too full of energy to sit calmly and wait until they reached their destination.
She finally remembered. She remembered everything!
“I’ll get you there, Commander, don’t worry,” the unflappable man replied, though she noted he sounded a bit strained nonetheless. He was likely worried about James, she realized; they had been friends for a long time. She felt a flush of warmth as she happily -remembered- these things about the people she knew.
“Sit down, Shepard,” Wrex replied from the back where he lounged lazily. “Nothing you can do until we get there and no sense wasting your energy stressing over it.”
She shot the krogan a sharp look and surprisingly he fell silent. He had i
:iconazuremosquito:AzureMosquito 16 9
Blood Bound: Prologue
:blackrose: Blood Bound :blackrose:

It was a chilly autumn evening, with a bitter, frosty wind and a sky full of storm clouds. A perfect dramatic setting for an otherworldly encounter. Or so the deceased Bonnie Bennett was inclined to believe.
At the time of her death, the Witch had been offered eternal rest. But in the end, she had postponed her sunny piece of heaven and opted to wait.
After two years of debating, Bonnie was sure she'd made the right decision. She had watched and come to her conclusion with some difficulty. But now as she appeared in the former boarding house, she forced herself to stand firm to her decision.
Her grandchild was in need of guidance and support, and Bonnie had been unable to grant such her comforts. She was fading and any fix she tried to provide would be temporary. There needed to be a permanent solution, or at least one that would last long enough to do some good. The Witch hoped that she would find it with her
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 8 0
Blood Bound: A Friend in Need
:blackrose: Blood Bound :blackrose:
~A Friend in Need~

Tara Lyn Bennett had been thirteen the last time she'd seen the infamous Damon Salvatore. And with the way things had ended, she had thought she'd never see him again. Something about him being a hero, giving her a normal human life, or something equally dramatic. So, when the young woman had found him waiting for her in her car earlier that night, with an empty bottle of bourbon and a wide smirk plastered on his handsome face, she thought it was a dream.
Tara sat in silence, staring at the 178-year-old vampire for several drawn minutes, before he lost patience with her, and reached over to snap his long fingers in front of her face. "Helloooo? You alive in there, Tear-Tear?"
She pushed his fingers away in a daze, before ultimately fixing him with a glare. "The royal fuh?" she said without thinking, blinking hard before recovering. "What the hell are you doing here?"
The gl
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 6 0
Snape x Reader: Reciprocate
:bulletgreen: Snape x Reader: Reciprocate :bulletgreen: 

(F/n) (L/n) had always hated the competition between the Houses. She was unaffected by simple, friendly rivalry. Certain levels of aggression were needed in every situation that life presented; it was naive to believe otherwise.  But the girl had never been able to excuse those who took their distinctions too far. It might have been the peaceful Hufflepuff in her, or it might have been her loving internal moral code. Whatever the case, (F/n) hated conflict.
Throughout her years at Hogwarts, (F/n) had observed all sorts of confrontations and conflicts. But none she had found, could compare to the bullying that Severus Snape endured. The young Slytherin was a year her senior, and came from a completely different social group. But the girl had found herself drawn to him, as the months passed.
He was quiet and kept to himself most times, but (F/n) had glimpsed moments where something else peaked past his cold
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 146 35
Harley Quinn cosplay I. by EnjiNight Harley Quinn cosplay I. :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 3,217 157
Arrangement (Zuko X Chubby!Reader)
"I'm getting what?" You asked, staring at your father in disbelief.
"You're getting married as soon as Prince Zuko arrives at the North Pole." He answered, and you continued to look at him in shock.
"Why am I just now hearing about this?"
Your father shrugged. "It hasn't come up before now."
You opened your mouth to protest before deciding that it was pointless. Your people needed the alliance with the Fire Nation, so you sucked up your pride and nodded at your father. He smiled at you, clapping a hand to your shoulder in thanks before exiting your room.
You sank down onto your bed of furs with a sigh. Getting married to a firebender, that would certainly be fun.
"I can't believe my father's just giving me away like this." Zuko grumbled, crossing his arms as he leaned on the rail of the ship, his eyes looking for any sign of the island of ice that held his future bride.
"He is doing what he believes is best." Iroh said wisely, and Zuko rolled hi
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 466 86
Midnight Rendezvous

:bulletred: :bulletblack: Midnight Rendezvous :bulletblack: :bulletred:

It had been a really long night, but after what felt like eternity, it was finally starting to pay off.
Harley Quinn smiled to herself- her white teeth shining oddly against her face paint- as she fiddled with the vault lock. Thanks to years of working alongside Mistah J, she had been able to learn all sorts of unique tricks. Lock cracking being one of many.
For several long moments, Harley slowly twisted the gears and listened. Normally she wasn’t one for patience, but when a bank job arose, she was usually able to curb her enthusiasm enough to get the job done.
The con-woman confidently removed her ear, from where she had been pressing it against the metal, and deftly turned the proper combination.  The vault gave one last click of defiance, before the tumblers fell into sync, and the door unlocked.
Harley, who had been working on the safe for 20 solid minutes, squealed happily as sh
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 19 22
Severus by Malla13 Severus :iconmalla13:Malla13 1,030 231
Snape x Reader |Ammiratio|
You weren't one to flaunt your birthday, in fact rarely did you ever. It wasn't necessary, in your eyes. All you really needed was maybe a well-wishes from a single person, in this case, your husband. Though he didn't always say it out loud, there was usually a carefully written card waiting for you on your desk, or perhaps on your bedside when you woke up. 
Of course he was always gone before you saw them; part of you thought it was because he was so shy, the other because he enjoyed leaving you the little surprises. He never admitted to either of those, but you didn't mind. It was just nice to know he cared enough to say something to you.
It made your entire day better; something you looked forward to this particular morning, waking up with a stretch as the gray morning sunlight slowly spilled into your room, tripping over the bed that was precariously made up on one side, and fantastically messy on the other. You rubbed your eyes, smiling to yourself; he must be long gone, by n
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 203 62
Newt Scamander Cosplay by Matteleven Newt Scamander Cosplay :iconmatteleven:Matteleven 180 16 Ty Lee - Avatar The last Airbender by TophWei Ty Lee - Avatar The last Airbender :icontophwei:TophWei 442 37 Avatar The Last Airbender - Mai Zuko by TophWei Avatar The Last Airbender - Mai Zuko :icontophwei:TophWei 478 60 Only Mai. Avatar: The last Airbender Mai by TheWisperia Only Mai. Avatar: The last Airbender Mai :iconthewisperia:TheWisperia 390 47
Star Wars: Awakened
:bulletpurple: THIS STORY CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR FORCE AWAKENS! Not to mention some pretty serious theories tied to several events from the film. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

:bulletblue: Awakened :bulletblue:

He had felt it; pulsating first as an echo and then as an encompassing tingle at the corners of his heart and mind. It had come from seemingly nowhere, interrupting his unbroken meditation, as he physically felt the change. It sang throughout the air like an aria, but had the substance and physical warmth of an embrace; more powerful than he ever could have imagined, and yet still lacking in full potential as it expanded and beckoned. So much promise flowed forth, along with the bygone taste of hope that crept up from its dingy resting place. It was a hope that he had feared would never return to him . . . and yet it had already begun to bloom within his tired soul.
The man looked up at the sk
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 29 27
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